By working with nature instead of against it, we produce and supply renewable materials to sustainable manufacturers around the world.

A diagram of Planted Materials' process. Organic waste is collected, then processes, sorted, and refined to create feedstocks.
Our Process

Through the characterization and processing of organic waste, we create renewable alternatives to petroleum-based materials.


Organic Waste Collection

We source components for renewable materials from plant and other organic waste that would otherwise end up in landfills and produce greenhouse gasses.



Once collected, the waste is taken to our lab in Seattle, Washington to be sorted, characterized and processed for manufacturing.



The resulting materials are distributed in raw forms to meet the needs of global manufacturing partners and customers.

Our renewable Offerings


The cellulose compounds we produce are the renewable building blocks for paper, bioplastics, films and many more material needs.


Lipids are used to produce renewable surfactants for cleaning products, sustainable aviation fuels/biodiesel, and bioplastics.


The chemicals from organic waste become renewable building blocks for pharmaceutical, cleaning, cosmetics and many more industries.

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